Download or stream Aloe Blacc's "King is Born": Co-produced by Aloe Blacc For more: Music video by Aloe Blacc performing King Is Born. (C) 2017 Aloe Blacc Recording, Inc. under exclusive license to XIX Recordings LLC/Interscope Records



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Ben_Willard's picture

Never heard of this guy, and I bet after not very long no one will know who he was. Just saw a boxing commercial, actually saw it upwards of 7 times and just now figured out what the lyric was. A King is Born. Wow, slow tempo low volume and the words were so mispronounced, where do these people come from? Just another of the million examples of proof you don't need talent to achieve a level of fame, you just have to be willing to do what the illuminati puppet masters tell you and they'll market the crap out of your crap.