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‘’Tijuana’s daughter’’ CECI BASTIDA Joins ARTIVIST ENTERTAINMENT For An Exciting Evening of Music And Art! ARTISTA + ACTIVISTA = ARTIVISTA! Fri, Sept 16 8:30PM @cecibastida is a singer-songwriter who rose to meet the public eye during her time as lead singer in the iconic Tijuana ska-punk band ‘Tijuana No!’ making her one of the first women to rise in the ranks of contemporary Latin rock. With Tijuana No! Bastida wrote and produced songs with Manu Chao, Fishbone, The Breeders, and more. Bastida also spend eight years touring with none other than Julieta Venegas. In 2006, Bastida embarked on her solo career with the EP Front BC and then the 2010 release of Vero La Marea (I See the Tide), mixing electronic, rock and hip hop-- earning her a Latin Grammy nomination. Though having lived in Los Angeles for some time now, Bastida stays true to her hometown, her songs often inspired by or directly targeting the rise of everyday violence in both countries. Bastida is currently a member of the all-star band Mexrrissey ( a Mexican homage to the songs of The Smiths) and will also soon be releasing her next project. We can’t wait to see Ceci this FRI SEP 16 @FordTheatres 2580 Cahuenga Blvd East LA, CA



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