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Indigenous Taino singer/songwriter IRKA MATEO joins ARTIVIST ENTERTAINMENT For An Exciting Evening of Music And Art! ARTISTA + ACTIVISTA = ARTIVISTA! Fri, Sept 16 8:30PM @FordTheatres Hailing from the Dominican Republic, @irkamateo ’s music fuses the folk music of her country with her multicultural influences. Her music was greatly influenced by her travels through the rural areas of the Dominican Republic, documenting over thirteen genres of folk music and Taino cultural traditions. Her important research was recognized by the Grammy foundation. Irka's recent single, ‘Vamo a Gozá,’ was inspired by the exuberant accordion music of the Dominican countryside. It digs into the idea that there is a cultural bridge that can be built across the Caribbean and Latin America-- as there is evidence of a common historical past. Irka founded Guabancex, Wind and Water Society, devoted to the popularization and preservation of native culture. We can’t wait to see @irkamateo FRI SEP 16 @FordTheatres 2580 Cahuenga Blvd East, Los Angeles, CA



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