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Godmother of West Coast Hip Hop MEDUSA joins ARTIVIST ENTERTAINMENT For An Exciting Evening of Music And Art! ARTISTA + ACTIVISTA = ARTIVISTA! Fri, Sept 16 8:30PM Medusa is a self-described ‘hip- hop goddess’ born and raised in Los Angeles who has been noted for her high-energy live performances as well as being vocal about misogyny in hip-hop. She’s won a GRAMMYrammy, has performed alongside greats like Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo Green, has been voted “Best Hip Hop Artist” two years in a row by LA Weekly and had a large part in the HBO prison drama Stranger Inside. Medusa started rhyming when she was just 13, alongside breakdancing and poplocking. Alongside being an incredible and transformative artist, Medusa is an educator dedicated to her community and to creating opportunities for women in hip- hop. She’s spoken (and performed) at colleges and seminars on the effects of hip-hop on children and women, including an appearance at the 26th Annual Black Conscious Conference. She’s currently on the Board of the Los Angeles Arts Committee, and continues to grace the world with her electrifying performances. Catch @legendmedusa FRI Sep 16 @fordtheatres



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