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BLU&EXILE celebrate the 10th anniversary of the classic album BELOW THE HEAVENS in LA on July 27th ( tickets - ). I'll be there with my verse from SHOW ME THE GOOD LIFE. "Won't somebody show me there's a few things my poppa never told me Maybe cause the stone still rolling, no moss yet It's a few things my momma never told me to mold me But her soul is so golden the way she floss it And I ain't mad at their secrets though It's a hard sell to tell a young child about your deepest low But I done seen through they weakness so I understand a little bit on how the defeat can slow You so, far down that you meekness grow And everyday gets colder when the breezes blow Grand momma sat me down and said, 'you need to know Boy you a little light in this world, let your heat just glow Have patience some things take time And ain't no limit to the goals that you could hold in your mind' Let the soul in you shine 'till you reach the gates of heaven Like your chariot is carrying children who going blind And you gonna get'm their sight back, when all they see is night black Believe in everything that you doing and just like that Things will happen for you, keep shining them rays It's bright enough to spread grace over a million graves Of a million slaves to bring honor to the elders Who held us away from danger when the danger would have killed us They never failed us let their souls have peace And follow in their steps, you got brothers to keep In this good life"



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