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I'll be joining Blu & Exile on stage for a live performance of the full #belowtheheavens album with a live band, 10 years after its release. Come celebrate with me 7-27-17 in Los Angeles at the Reagent Theater. @exileradio @fashawn @aloeblacc @johazdagsavage @kingchoosey @cashusking @thelastartful @denmarkves @scudzy_bogues @jimettarose @sirplus.d_rojo @jylertenich @mylife_is_a_roadtrip @abjonian @houseshoes @thedirtyscience @artdontsleep @abjonian @soulection @regenttheaterla @blame_one #dirtyscience #belowtheheavens #bluandexile #soulection #streetcornermusic @chrisclarke133 @farmbot @wxxl @instaturl #MichaelMcTaggart #AroynDavis



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