Together is Better
I believe in a simple idea: we grow more as individuals when we agree to help each other grow together. It is this simple idea that has served as the foundation of all my work…even how I try to live my life. In my songs I sing of optimism…positivity…and cooperation. So when I heard Simon wrote a book called Together Is Better, I dusted off a little song I had written a few years earlier with the same title and offered it to him to help him spread his message. This is that song.

My hope, like Simon’s book, is that it serves as a little reminder to all of us to take care of each other…to grow together. I also hope it makes you smile. And if it does, please pass it on to someone you want to inspire or to say thank you to someone who inspires you.

Watch the video of Aloe and Simon talking about how they met and discovered their common cause.